Baltimore & DC Adventure

June 24 – July 1, 2023

Church Plant and Revitalization

Take a trip to the Baltimore/Washington DC area to help Church at the Well and Lanham Grace Church reach into their communities. You will spend two days serving each ministry, and have a free day to sightsee in the area.

Pastor Dayne & Ana Carraway and family

Church Plant in Towson

Church at the Well is launching soon. They have already faced their share of challenges; Leaders Dayne and Ana Carraway moved into their community in March 2020, the day before the first COVID shut-down! Their vision is to be a Ripple Effect in and around the Baltimore area by being a life-giving and life-changing community that makes waves as legacy people pour themselves into future generations. They want to grow to become a legacy church, pouring their resources into a growing network of churches serving their neighbors with the dream of radiating the love of the Gospel in Towson, around Baltimore, and throughout the world. Our Assist Adventure Team will help them continue to build momentum to make waves in their community!

Pastor Eric & Vanessa Smith and family

Church Revitalization in Lanham

Lanham Grace Church has been faithfully sharing Christ in its community for more than 50 years. They want to be more effective in their community and are rethinking everything! Their desire is to be a church about Jesus, a church without walls, and to create a casual and uplifting environment in this culturally and ethnically diverse area. They want to develop a close-knit, loving environment that draws in people to experience the difference Jesus can make in their lives. Our Assist Adventure Team will help them make connections in their community with people who may be familiar with their location, but may never have thought to stop in for a service.

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Church at the Well, Towson, MD

Lanham Grace Church, Lanham, MD